Flipkart Affiliate Program introduces App Install tracking/attribution

Due to the recent closure of Flipkart's mobile site, now all the mobile traffic being directed by our affiliate partners will land on Flipkart's Mobile Apps (if the app is already installed) OR it'll be redirected to the Flipkart app page on respective OS App Store (if the app is not installed). With the trend of increased app usage in today's mobile savvy world (especially India), and the attribution of Flipkart App installs as well as orders placed through Flipkart's Apps, this is a good opportunity for our affiliate partners to earn more commissions.

  • In case Flipkart App is NOT installed, the user will be redirected to the Flipkart app page respective OS' App Store (Play Store in case of Android, App Store in case of iOS, Windows Store in case of Windows) and affiliate tracking/attribution (only for Flipkart 'Android' App install#)will happen if its installed by the user on his/her Android mobile device. In such cases, the install will be classified as 'Fallback' install. [Please note that affiliate tracking will not happen for any order(s) placed by the user after installing the Flipkart App in such scenario; affiliate attribution/tracking will only happen for the Flipkart App install.]
  • In case Flipkart App is already installed, then the user will be taken to the (Android/ iOS/ Windows) and s/he lands on that specific home/ category/ product page (as per the affiliate link) and affiliate tracking/attribution will happen for the order(s) placed on Flipkart App.

For more details, please refer here

In short, if the user downloads the Flipkart App after clicking on an affiliate link promoting Flipkart products / deals, affiliates will be paid for every eligible app install/download ('Fallback' installs). However, the affiliate partner will only be paid for the app download and not for the order placed in such a scenario (i.e., if the user downloads the app & buys any product in the same visit/session). And if the user already has the app, then s/he is taken to the app. If any purchase is done, then the order is attributed to the affiliate and you will be paid as per the category-wise commission rates for Mobile App orders. This ensures that our affiliate partners get paid for every call-to-action (be it a sale or an install) from the mobile traffic directed by them to Flipkart.

NEW! Direct Install (CPI) campaign for Flipkart Apps (only Android)

In addition to being paid for all the eligible 'Fallback' installs, Flipkart Affiliate Program has also launched its Direct Install campaign which provides all our affiliate partners to run direct CPI campaigns for Flipkart App installs through owned/paid media inventory (preferably non-incent and good quality incent campaigns). In such cases, the install will be classified as 'Direct' install. While running Direct Install campaigns, please ensure to adhere to the following conditions:-

  • Targeting Geography - only India
  • Preferably non-incent and good quality incent campaigns (Financial penalties will be levied and/or suspension of affiliate account in case of wrong / exaggerated communication messages while promoting incent campaigns for app downloads)
  • Target Devices- Android (version 3 & above)
  • Tracking of installs will be as per 3rd party MMP (Mobile Measurement Platform) data#

The affiliate url for CPI campaign, App Installation Report ('Report' as well as 'Download' section), etc is available in your affiliate account panel itself. Pls copy/use the Affiliate URL for Direct Install (CPI) campaign as it is from your affiliate account panel (homepage).

You also have the option of adding/appending 1 SubID parameter (&affExtParam1=<subid value>) at the end of this URL for granular tracking of Direct Install (CPI) campaign [Example: http://affiliate.flipkart.com/install-app?affid=test&affExtParam1=ABC123]. For the detailed App Installs Report which has the break-up of Direct Install campaign as per SubID (affExtParam1), you can go to Downloads --> App Installs Report to generate the csv report.

#NOTE- Flipkart uses 3rd party MMP (Mobile Measurement Platform) data for tracking its mobile app installs. Affiliate attribution for tracking its Android app installs. App Install campaign on other Mobile OS platforms (iOS & Windows) has been stopped till further notice. Affiliate attribution for Flipkart mobile app installs (Android) will happen only if the below 2 conditions are satisfied:

  • Only fresh Android installs will be considered and not reinstalls (this is based on Device ID mapping being done through the MMP)
  • The user has to launch/open the Flipkart App within a period of 14 days after installing the app on his/her Android device in order for the affiliate attribution to happen.