Affiliate Tools

Whatever your business model, Flipkart Affiliate Program has an extensive range of tools available to help you improve your campaigns, ranging from simple banners & widgets to putting listings on your own site. You can also use the API to access Flipkart's features and listings, and present them in a customized format.

Product Links and Banners

It's easy to build Flipkart products links & banners and earn money. When you add these links or banners to your webpage / mobile app, and visitors to your page / app click on them, you earn commission on all purchases.

  • Create banners & links to a specific product on Flipkart that you think are best to showcase on your website / mobile app
  • Your links will include your affiliate id and you will be paid for eligible orders coming through this link.

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Promotional Banners & Widgets

Flipkart Banners and Widgets bring rich, dynamic content to your website / mobile app. You'll be able to customize your widget and we'll provide the HTML for you to use on your site.

  • Increase engagement with your users through up-to-date & interactive content
  • Customisable and auto-tagged with your affiliate id
  • Easy to add & attractive

Search Tools

Let your visitors use Flipkart's powerful search tools (Search Bar or Search Widget) to continue their journey from your website / mobile app to find and explore interesting products from Flipkart

  • Choose from the search tool that best suits your webpage / mobile app layout
  • Better conversion rates through relevant product searches that best match the keyword


Find out how to tap into Flipkart marketplace with our API. Our APIs provide access to Flipkart's extensive product catalog and discovery functionality so that developers can promote Flipkart products to monetize their website / mobile app (The APIs are currently in beta)

  • Access to Flipkart's selection of millions of products in all categories
  • Promote Flipkart products using product search and look up capability, product information and other features
  • Technical support & detailed documentation to help you integrate our APIs and present this information in a customized format.

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