Flipkart Affiliate APIs OverviewΒΆ

The Flipkart Affiliate APIs allow all registered users of the Flipkart Affiliate Program, access to relevant information on each product and offers (if any), in the various actively marketed categories.

If you are a registered affiliate, you can use these APIs to accelerate partnership with the Flipkart Affiliate Program by developing:

  • Custom Websites
  • Shopping comparison sites or mobile applications
  • Niche content, and more

The following APIs are available to registered affiliates.

Format: JSON and XML

Protocol: HTTPS

API Description / Use Case
Product APIs Get details on (a) products in the actively marketed categories, (b) search for products based on keywords, (d) query based on Product ID
Offer APIs Get details on (a) all active offers, (b) all “deals of the day” offers
Report APIs Get details on all affiliate-driven (a) orders received, (b) Flipkart mobile app installations

Refer to the Glossary for more information on affiliate related datatypes.