Release Notes

Flipkart Affiliate APIs

Developer Guide

Created on: January, 2016

Last updated: 27th July, 2016

The release notes outlines the new features, updates, and enhancements, if any, in this version of the APIs.

Revision Details

What’s New?

What’s Changed?

  • Category Feed API name has been changed to Product Feed Listing API.
  • rawDownloadListings attribute is removed from Category Feed API Response and the same data is provide in new Feed Download Listing API
  • Top Selling Products API link has been added in the response of Category Feed API under attribute “top”.

Category Feed API response now include two available variants - v0.1.0 and v1.1.0. Refer here for example response.

What’s Deprecated/Removed?

-All the unversioned Product APIs are deprecated. These include -

What’s Next?

  • Interactive APIs tool